Saturday, August 30, 2008

How to print to a windows printer from linux

I have been struggling to set this up. I found a nice tutorial in the Internet.

Printer Sharing: Windows Print Server for Linux Clients

In short, the steps are

  1. Enable Windows support for Unix printing: Open Control Panel --> Add or remove programs --> Add/remove windows components. Scroll down to "Other Network File & Print Services".icon Highlight that and select "details". Put a check mark in "Print Services for Unix" and OK/Next or whatever.
  2. Now that Unix services are installed, you activate them as a service: Open Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Services (Local) and find icon TCP/IP print server. It should be set to "Status= started" and "Start type=Automatic". To change settings you double click the line "TCP/IP print server" and adjust appropriately.
  3. Install CUPS and use lpd.
  4. You should be able to fire a test page from your linux machine.
I tested it from my ubuntu 8.04 to a windows XP machine having a HP LaserJet printer.


Dharan P Deepak said...

wow! nice blog.. why don't you continue posting... curious to learn tips from such a veteran user...11 years of experience is something really great...

suresh said...

dear mr dharan p deepak, thanks for your comments....

I saw it today only..I was busy and was not looking at blogging...will write more.